Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why, hello there.

How has a week passed already?? Sigh. This summer is speeding by too quickly and I only just yesterday got into my parents' pool. It was heavenly, though.

Ok, this is what's been going on with me:

- choosing the year's hottest month to do a lot of baking for some reason. Oh, right, the reason is my sweet tooth and insatiable appetite for sweeter compliments. However, I am not fully set up in my kitchen and thus have had to use an empty wine bottle as a rolling pin for my pies. It's not ideal, but works surprisingly well...and there's always lots of empties around.

- I have come to accept the fact that I am slowly turning into my parents. Exhibit A: I save Saran Wrap. And plastic sandwich bags. I never thought this would happen, but it's true.

- went shopping south of the border on Friday and once again managed to purchase some shirts that turned out to be from the store's maternity line. But they were cheap! And cute! And will be helpful when I eat a big meal! Oh, shut up.

- first club experience in Mississauga and hopefully my last. There is something very wrong about going to a club in a strip mall. So depressing. The music was okay where we ended up, but I couldn't shake the feeling of oppressive suburbia. Oh, and why is it okay (albeit a little creepy) for guys to stand against the wall and check things out at a club, but when a girl is a little tired and wants to rest and people watch for a few minutes, she's a target?!? Target for creepers sidling up to hit on her. Ugh.

Oh, and for the record, Random Rapper, "I be hustling" repeated ad nauseum does not a great song make. Don't let the gyrating skankies and collar popping DBs (are people still doing that?!?) convince you otherwise.

- Is there anything better than riding a bike in your bathing suit? It felt like high school again yesterday as I rode my bike, post-swim, to my friend Tracy's house. We ate ice cream and gossiped on the porch, just like we used to do in 10th grade. Our problems and conversations are different now, but, really, not that different. Eating freezies, lighting fireworks on the playground, talking about who we like - it's all good. Still.

- What is the correct/acceptable number of perogies that a single person should consume in one meal? I just need to know....

- Evil Cat is gone. I find myself a little sad about that and worrisome that it met its untimely death. But, I'll deny these feelings.

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