Friday, July 23, 2010


Is it just me, or is "Faithfully Yours" a very unusual way to sign off a business email? From someone I have never met. Does he have faith that I will utilize his services? Faith that I won't report him to the Creepy Email Tribunal (CET)?
It seems to be my M.O. to latch onto clothing trends just as they are going out of style. Most of the clothes I wear I have had for several years - I like to think this is because I have classic style and will be eternally well-dressed. No need for discussion on this point - I'm sticking with that theory.

However, I sometimes feel that I should succumb to some of the trends flying around out there. This is why I finally have a pair of Lulu Lemon pants and most recently a pair of leggings. This was a hard one to wrap my head around. Leggings! Seriously? And my timing couldn't be worse - it now looks like an act of solidarity for Lindsay Lohan as she begins her jail stint. These leggings are a social comment. I have yet to wear them because I'm not really sure how - do they really stand in for pants? This can't be a good idea.
How adorable is this? I've always been a big fan of the hot water bottle when ill. Or sad. Or cold. They're great - how can you not love them? This one loves you back! I really should have bought it, but thought having a collection of 3 hot water bottles may look like a boyfriend substitute - I'm not at that point yet!

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