Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It was a busy weekend full of nothing planned, but lots of options. Love weekends like this - where I can see where the wind blows. This weekend my uber-organized and unrelenting anal-retentive self got ahold and compiled this crazy list of things to accomplish in 2 days.

I got most of it done - felt very accomplished. Friday night, finished a bottle of Gewurtzaminer - the most fun sounding wine - and ended up spray painting my garage sale wicker at 1am. The list was demanding - I had to take any opportunity to get things done. Plus, I was a little "tipsy" and thought it would be a fine idea.

Saturday I fell off my bike in the park when I was startled by a pack of wild pre-teens. Embarrassing, but this didn't stop me from making them feel like it was their fault. And glaring.
Then, my sunglasses (the ones previously in the toilet) fell and broke. In the same 2 minute span the kickstand of my bike punctured my toe and caused blood to flow. It was all too much - I might have teared up. It wasn't a good time to be in public. Or be near my bike.

Saw this on PostSecret and although, I didn't submit it (really, I DIDN'T!) I totally could have. It's all true. But I also do this while wearing a scuba mask. Love, love, love swimming. Lalalala!

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