Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long Weekend Lovely

The first long weekend of 'summer' was amazing - every so often a weekend comes along that is so perfect it leaves me sad on Monday morning because it's over.

Breaking it down:

Friday night - McMaster Sick Kids charity benefit.

Yes, it's true, I'm such a philanthropist and all-around good person. However, my charity ends when I don't win a single door prize or raffle item. Seriously, I had a grand man's arm's length of tickets and, yet, bupkis. Is that how you say that?

Though, I did luck out by seeing this sign:

Perhaps our money should be going to a literacy program that specializes in spelling and punctuation instead.

Saturday morning - The first garage sale venture of the season!

Hurrah! Nothing cures a charity hangover like getting up at 7:30 am and trolling around with your friends while keeping an eye out for neon signs and 25 cent Tupperware.

We made the mistake of going around East Hamilton in search of sales and instead were inundated with yard sale mirages. For example, this one, from a block away looks like a sale, albeit paltry. As we drive closer, we see that it's just some white trash party leftovers. The picture doesn't show it, but there is a dude passed out in the bushes.

I found a wicked hammock, but was unable to convince the sellers to allow me to keep it on their lovely lawn and come by every day for a nap. If I put it in my shadeless and flowerless yard, it wouldn't be nearly as relaxing.Getting out of a hammock is more awkward than that first step onto the roller rink or when someone jumps on the trampoline at the same time as you.
Saturday night - Paul's 30-something birthday and apparent End of the World/Judgement Day

This is us after we realized it was after 6pm and we're still alive:But then we realized that it probably meant we had been passed over and are not up in heaven. Hmmm, that could be bad.

The rest of the night included: snake bite shots, banana clips from the 80s and learning that Paul wears his new Blackberry in his hip holster like a total loser.

I also experienced the moment where I decided that I am no longer into the traditional club scene where I am obviously the oldest person. There has to be a better way to dance and party with your friends without looking at 18 year old skankatrons and thinking, "Dear God, is that what I used to be like? Stop bumping into me! Shut. It. Down."

Sunday - Friend's Birthday Party Extravaganza

I was in charge of cannoli and helium balloons - the backbone to any party. As I've mentioned before, there is something so fun about carrying balloons around - an instant festive party.

One of the kids got ahold of one of the bunches and there it goes...

The shindig was pretty great and included a patio dance party, 2am garage jam session, and interesting notes to indicate all the sleeping babies around the house.

Monday - Shopping Stateside with Naomi

No pictures about that and unless you're interested in hearing about my new pink heels or 7 dresses that I purchased, I'll pack it in.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend filled with great people, great occasions and great cannoli.

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