Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sign of a Syndrome

This is how I know I'm a detail-oriented person - while sitting at a stoplight, I noticed this sign:

Do you notice anything unusual or odd about it?  I might not have either, except I'm THAT person.  The same person who picks errors out on menus and finds pleasure in finding newspaper mistakes.  Recognizing that this is an annoying and tedious trait, I often keep these things to myself.

If you notice anything odd about the signage here, comment below.  If there are no comments, I will be confirmed of one of two things:  a) no one notices or cares about such things, which is fine or b) no one is reading my blog, which, surprisingly, is also fine.  I have come to accept this in my later years.

Want a hint?


  1. An "M" was used as a "W" and a "W" was used as an "M". The "1" in "12" looks like an "I". I guess they had no hyphens so they used an underscore.

  2. I was going for the M/W thing - well done. Whoever you are, Anonymous, you are as freaky as I am now.

  3. I was going to say it should be "Boys' and Girls' Club" although I think the organization is officially the other (wrong) way....