Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sunny Side of the Street

Everyone knows about the dangers of the sun and everyone knows that we should all be wearing sunscreen.  However, some of us, myself included, do not heed this advice.  I buy it every year and if I'm lying on a beach all day, I'll usually apply...once.  But any other time I'm in the sun, I don't wear anything.  My excuses are the same as everyone else's:  it takes too long, it's inconvenient and I want a tan.  I wish there was a pill we could take to give us the sunscreen effects.  Although, I have a really hard time taking my vitamins every day, so I might not be successful with that either.

I was reading the Globe the other day and this photo stopped me in my tracks.  Well, not exactly the picture, but once I read the accompanying article, then I really took a second look.

This is an un-doctored picture of a man who was a long-haul truck driver for his entire life.  As a result, he spent countless hours with the left side of his face exposed to the sun through the driver window.  Look at that!  I can't get over it. 

And before you think you're the first person to make the joke, someone has already suggested to move to the UK to balance everything out.

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