Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2011 - The Best Year Ever

In reviewing 2011, here are some things that happened:

- I walked out of the first movie ever. I dislike wasting time. However, I dislike wasting money even more. So, for me to consider throwing away $11.50, a movie has to be pretty unbearable. Plus, I was in the middle of an aisle. And years earlier, I managed to suffer through Glitter without giving up. So this should give you an idea how bad "How Do You Know?" was.

- I tried new things. A lot of new things:

- badminton
- rock climbing
- horror movies
- snowboarding
- dating against type
- hitting police officers with my car - nope, not my car...my boss' car
- tennis
- trampolining
- cleanse diet - quite possibly the worst idea of 2011
- gay dance clubs
- gluten free food
- working out seriously
- mystery shopping - uh, I mean, nope, nothing to see here, move along
- charcoal barbecues
- speed dating
- Goodness Me nutrition class
- country music
- Toronto Beaches...or is it Toronto Beach
- watching The Sound of Music, finally
- cutting down my own Christmas tree
- freelance work

They were met with varying levels of success. But looking over the year, it did live up to what I titled it at the beginning of January:

- I was asked to be a Maid of Honour. My best friend Naomi got engaged to my badminton partner Tim. I guess he's more than that and he wasn't originally my badminton partner, but now it's our thing. Helping them plan their wedding has been lots of fun and I can be more honest with her than I can be with my clients. For the most part.

The best part about the wedding, well, besides the displays of eternal love and commitment between two people I care about, is my dress! Yes, MY dress. It's stunning. Granted Naomi's dress is even more stunning, but we're both pretty stoked about mine too. In fact, we selected my dress before the big white main event dress. I have a feeling I'm going to pull a Miss Havisham and never take it off.

- My friends really kicked it up with Christmas cards this year. This might not warrant a bullet point to you, but as someone who has been sending out Christmas cards since the ninth grade, I'm thrilled that people are finally reciprocating. This past year saw the highest number of cards received. Thank you for finally getting the subtle hints I've been dropping for the past 15 years!

- I bought these shoes. And I found someone lovely enough to indulge me in a public place by holding them so I could photograph them. How do ya like that?


  1. You've never seen The Sound of Music until last year?! Gasp! I hope you loved it :)

  2. Cheers to Naomi & Tim!!!